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Dr. McCaffery Introduces SGA

A Treatment That Removes Breakouts & Acne Permanently.

Watch Dr. McCaffery introduce SGA Acne Treatment to a national TV audience.

A Treatment That Removes Breakouts & Acne Permanently

Dr McCaffery’s SGA is the first and only acne treatment to permanently remove the cause of acne, overactive sebaceous glands – leaving your skin acne-free. Almost all over-the-counter acne products are simply not effective at stopping breakouts from re-occurring. Prescription acne treatments can be harsh on your body and the the chance of your acne coming back are still high – oftentimes with long term side effects. Long-time acne expert Dr Philippa McCaffery has introduced the first acne treatment to eliminate the primary cause of acne in the skin without the use of drugs or harsh medication.

Here’s How This Treatment Works

The true underlying cause of acne is overactive sebaceous glands, the skin’s oil glands. No other acne treatment has been able to successfully stop sebaceous gland over activity and eliminate acne permanently… until NOW. Performed by a highly trained and experienced acne therapist, Dr McCaffery’s SGA treatment used heat to eliminate your over-active sebaceous glands, leaving your skin acne free. 

Over 8000 Clients Treated

Dr McCaffery’s SGA is both quick with minial discomfort. The best thing about Dr McCaffery’s SGA, is that it WORKS for all skin types and age groups. With 40 clinic locations around Australia, Dr McCaffery’s Clearskincare Clinics have treated over 9,000 highly satisfied SGA clients – giving them the freedom of NEVER having to think about acne ever again.

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Acne Treatments Cosmo Acne Treatments Cosmo


Acne Treatments Cosmo Acne Treatments Cosmo

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