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Laser Hair Removal at Clearskincare Clinics

Clearskincare Clinics are renowned for its laser hair removal services, prices and results. We have over 18 years experience, highly trained and certified therapists and use only the most advanced laser hair removal technology. At Clearskincare we pride ourselves on our customer service and understand the importance of making you feel as comfortable as possible during your treatments.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser Hair Removal works by focusing high laser energy through the skin to the base of the hair follicle. The laser light is absorbed by the pigment in each hair follicle, and this causes the hair follicles to be progressively damaged so that the hair can no longer grow.

Cutting Edge Technology

Clearskincare Clinics use Alexandrite technology, the world’s leading laser hair removal technology. We offer laser hair removal solutions for all skin types including fair, olives and dark skin types and our treatments are virtually pain free.

How many laser hair removal treatments will I need?

Studies have shown that laser hair removal will permanently reduce the hair by 80% after 8 – 12 treatments. It is also important to know that results can vary depending on the areas being treated and can be influenced by sex, age and hormones.

Your laser hair removal consultation

At Clearskincare Clinics we conduct a FREE consultation with every client before the treatment. This will enable our therapist to assess the area you would like treated and to fully explain the laser hair removal process.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

More and more women are requesting Brazilian laser hair removal. Some women just want to reduce and tidy their pubic hair whilst others enjoy the sense of cleanliness Brazilian laser hair removal provides. Many women also request Brazilian laser hair removal for cultural reasons. Brazilian laser hair removal is also far less painful than Brazilian waxing. Clearskincare Clinics offer full Brazilian laser hair removal to all our clients and take pride in the results we deliver.

How to prepare for your laser hair removal treatment

ou will need to either shave or trim over the area you want treated two to three days before you come in. This will assist in making the treatment less painful and more effective. You are must not have any sun, solarium or fake tan on the area 2 weeks before your treatment . If you are in the sun within the 2 weeks before your treatment, superficial burning or pigmentation may occur.

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