Brazilian Hair Removal

Tired of waxing or shaving? Be hair free, with Clearskincare Clinics Hair Removal treatments. Australia’s most affordable laser hair removal.

Why should you have your Brazilian Laser Hair Removal treatment at Clearskincare Clinics?

Getting a “Brazilian” has evolved over the past ten years, from a practice confined to certain cultural groups to being the most commonly requested service for our laser clinics. Clearskincare Clinics pride themselves on performing the best Brazilain laser hair removal treatments, making our clients feel as comfortable as possible every time. We offer both the front and back area with no extra charges involved.

Brazilian laser hair removal has enormous advantages over waxing, as it is far less painful, more hygienic, less likely to injure sensitive skin, and Brazilian laser hair removal leads to permanent reduction of bikini hair. In addition, Laser hair removal is the best way to cure and prevent ingrown hairs, a major problem for many women around their bikini line.

Is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal safe?

Yes! Laser hair removal is safe no matter which areas are being treated, as the laser light only penetrates 1-2mm into the skin surface. The laser cannot injure any other tissue, which is why doctors consent to laser treatment, even during pregnancy.

Why is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal so popular?

Dr Philippa McCaffery, the Medical Director of Clearskincare Clinics, conducted a pilot study in 2007, to find out why Brazilian laser hair removal has become so popular. All 90 patients surveyed stated they felt cleaner and looked better following Brazilian laser hair removal. 60% of patients stated they had experienced increased sexual pleasure following Brazilian laser hair removal and 61% stated they would recommend Brazilian laser hair removal to other women to improve their sex life. All the laser therapists at Clearskincare Clinics are very experienced at performing Brazilian laser hair removal. You can be sure you will feel safe and comfortable if you request Brazilian laser hair removal at Clearskincare Clinics and that you will be extremely happy with your results.

Sale Prices:
Brazilian and Underarm: $49 per treatment (pack of 5)

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