Laser Away Your Freckles…

Many women have sun spots, freckles or dark stubborn pigmentation that makes their skin look uneven, sun damaged and ages the skin. Pigmentation can be caused by hormones, the sun, damaged skin or it can even be hereditary. The trick to removing and fading pigmentation is to know which treatments suit your skin type and the reason you have it.

Here I am going to try and breakdown which treatments or combination of treatments are best suited to remove pigment for your skin type.

For fair skin with freckles, spots and more superficial pigmentation caused by the sun we know that laser pigmentation removal can clear the pigment with instant results. If you have pigmentation has been caused by hormones or during pregnancy, the pigmentation sits deeper in the skin. This pigmentation is harder to treat and needs a combination of at home active ingredients and in clinic peels, like our popular azelaic peel.

If you have an olive or a darker skin type, removing pigmentation caused by the sun and hormones is best achieved with a combination of at home ingredients and in clinic peels. Products to use at home include Clear Skin 2% or Lighten to fade pigmentation and works best when mixed with Vitamin A (New Skin or Stieva A). Also using Smooth Skin 8%, with Glycolic acid to exfoliate pigmentation and C’ensil, with high concentrates of Vitamin C will aid with fading pigmentation and improving skin texture. The best in clinic peels include Azelaic, Vitamin C and Glycolic Acid.

In essence, the trick to removing pigment is to use a combination of treatments that are suited to your skin type. Lucky for you Skin Gym gives you access to a large number of these clinically proven treatments. So to begin your journey to pigment-free skin, book in for your monthly skin peel and speak to one of our senior skin therapists about the best treatments for your concerns and skin type.

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