Beauty Bloggers Let Their Skin Go Naked

On the 11th of March we dared Australia’s top beauty editors and bloggers to let their skin Go Naked and try Skin Gym… and they loved it!

“I popped in to visit Clearskincare Clinics to check out Skin Gym,” says Leigh Campbell, Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan Magazine. “Such a clever way to save money on treatments if you’ve got concerns to tackle. I’ll be treating my hyper pigmentation with fortnightly treatments”.

Cassandra Michelin from Live it Do it commented; “I may of only had 3 hours sleep last night but a morning at Clearskincare Clinics Skin Gym has made my skin feel silky and smooth.’

Clearskincare Clinics monthly skin membership allows you to choose from a huge selection of the latest clinically proven anti-ageing treatments for just $159!

So, let your skin Go Naked and wear no make up this Autumn. How do you get started? It is simple, book in for a free skin assessment below and find out what Clearskincare Clinics can do for your skin!

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