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Celebs Get Real About Pigmentation

Major wrinkles aren’t the only tell-tale sign of ageing. Pigmentation – blotchy, dark patches on your skin caused by an over-production of melanin – can prematurely age you, too.

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Laser vs. IPL – What is the difference? Which is Better?

Laser hair removal and IPL both work by producing light energy that targets the hair’s pigment to damage the hair follicle. This then reduces hair regrowth without causing harm to the surrounding tissues. Both laser and IPL hair removal have been shown to permanently reduce unwanted hair, but there are key differences in the two technologies.

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Are Men After Our Beauty Secrets?

Every guy needs to admit this one honest truth: Feeling that you’re getting old sucks, no matter what your age. We all look in the mirror every morning and judge ourselves by how we look. The numbers also don’t lie. According to The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, sales records for botulinum toxin, better known by the brand names Botox and Dysport, to estimate 1.5 million jabs had been administered in about 250,000 wrinkle reduction procedures last year. That is a 30 per cent jump on the previous year.

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5 Reasons Laser Hair Removal is Best in Winter

I’m pretty sure I can safely say we all love the idea of our underarms and bikini line to be flawless and smooth without having to worry about shaving all the time. Laser hair removal is a great option for permanent hair removal on virtually any part of the body, but the best time for this treatment is during the colder months. If you’re not convinced then keep reading for 5 reasons to laser this winter.

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4 Signs Your Skin Is Asking For A Peel

Four telltale signs that your skin is asking for a peel. The term “chemical peel” sounds scary, but when performed by experienced professionals, your peel will be comfortable, enjoyable, and deliver amazing results!

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