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Six Things to find out before an injectable treatment

So, you’ve done the research on cosmetic injecting treatments and decided you want to go for it. Here’s a checklist of key questions to ask at your consultation to get the results you really want.

Anti-wrinkle injections and Dermal fillers are all about the endgame. You’re there for the plumped, uplifted, youthfully recharged payoffs that kick into full effect in the days following treatment. But here’s the thing, especially for first-timers: getting there really begins with the consult. “There are vital questions that get you and your practitioner on the same page to customise a look that’s best for you,” says Clear Skincare’s Leads Cosmetic Injecting Nurse Louise Guest. Here’s what to cover in your pre-treatment appointment…


Who's holding the needle?

Many medical doctors and trained nurses are qualified to perform injectables in Australia, but it is fine to want to check their experience first. “It’s reasonable to ask how long a practitioner has been doing a certain procedure,” says Guest. “Some areas, like tear troughs and nasolabial folds, can be complex – that’s when you need particular expertise.


Which injectables and where?

Anti-wrinkle injections inhibit the kind of movement that causes the skin to crease, and they do this by acting as muscle relaxants. 

Fillers can enhance the facial structure, smooth texture and oomph up the volume. These are gel-like synthetic versions of natural proteins that exist in the body. “Fillers are very specialised,” says Guest. So, get clear on your options. “I show clients three things: a firm bouncy ball, a squishier ball, and some putty to demonstrate springier rebound or softer, thinner densities of products.” It’s less about longevity – most varieties last 9-12 months – than about what you choose syncing with your facial zones and your skin. “Denser filler mimics bone so can be perfect around a jawline but might be too visible under delicate, mature skin. Lips need something softer, more mouldable.”


Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

It’s good to get across what’s possible by researching treatment menus, but Guest emphasises this: what you think you want isn’t always what you need. Focused on getting lushed-up lips with filler? “A professional might see your cheeks or chin are weakened, throwing your lower face off-balance,” she says. “Far less lip filler, a little in cheeks or a sprinkle of anti-wrinkle in the right place might give you a much more beautiful result. We’re looking at you, not just a set of facial zones.” 


Can I really end up looking like this?

References help nail what you mean by “natural”, but celebrity snaps and social screenshots are less instructive than a capture of your favourite you. “A photo from your wedding, a holiday, any time you felt beautiful, or even a picture of a relative who’s got similarities to you, can give a realistic inspiration – and expectation,” explains Guest. “It’s about how you want to feel, not just how you want to look.” Glamorous or effortless? Drill down on how much you really want yourself – and others – to notice your treatment afterwards.  


What about aftercare?

Complications following injectables are generally minimal. Ice packs deflate post-treatment swelling, bruising is often slight and covered by makeup, and side-effects such as headaches or tenderness are usually temporary. “Still, before any needle touches you, you need to be made clear on your individual risk profile,” stresses Guest. “Understand how things should settle over the day and next three days – that things like initial lumpiness after filler might be normal – and which signs that aren’t normal to look out for.”

No maintenance is a major plus of injectables. Effects stay put for months before gradually fading. But don’t miss this chance to get expert advice on skincare. “Clients who care for their skin usually need less filler or wrinkle relaxant over time,” says Guest.


What can you do if you don't love the look?

Follow steps 1-5 and you’re way less likely to be here. But… the upside of fillers is that deletes (and do-overs) are possible. “In the instance of a lump that doesn’t soften or more volume than you want to keep, a doctor can inject a dissolving agent that erases it within 48 hours,” confirms Guest.

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