Real Life Stories On Adult Acne

Acne is a teenage problem, right? It’s frustrating, bothersome and plain unfair but adult acne could even mean you have spotty skin and grey hair at the same time. Acne is caused by an overproduction and poor release of oil (sebum) in the sebaceous glands just under the skin, resulting in clogged, inflamed pores. Because hormones are a common trigger of oil production, acne often appears during times of hormonal upheaval, which include pregnancy and menopause.

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I take myself along to my local Clearskincare Clinic to try their newest treatment, the Radio Frequency (RF) Lift and Restore Facial. It has been developed by an Australian doctor, and has been clinically proven to improve fine lines and wrinkles. The best part? You can do it in less than 30 minutes in your lunch break, with absolutely no downtime.

What happened…

After discussing my main skin concerns and treatment goals, my skin is thoroughly cleansed to remove makeup. This alone is a lovely process, and I immediately feel relaxed.

Now it’s time for the RF Lift and Restore treatment. It feels like a hot, smooth stone is being gently massaged over my face. The therapist explains to me that this heating process is radio frequency waves selectively heating the skin’s deepest layers to over 40 degrees. This process, she says, will accelerate new collagen growth in the deepest layers of the skin’s cells and bring blood to the surface of the skin, instantly plumping it for healthier looking glow.

It’s hot, but not unpleasant, and as the sweeping motion becomes repetitive, I begin to drift off, enjoying the warm heat on my skin. My neck area is treated first, followed by the left and right sides of my face.

To finish, an active serum is applied to give instant hydration. I take a peek in the mirror, expecting my face to look red and hot but instead I look radiant and refreshed – just like that healthy post-exercise glow! I couldn’t be happier – in just 30 minutes I leave feeling, and looking, relaxed and rejuvenated. Best of all, the benefits keep going as the new cells that were stimulated deep within my skin rise to the surface over the following days and weeks.

For me, it’s also provided long-term defence against those early tell-tale signs of ageing. Of course, just as you can’t get a fit body from one workout, I’m now embarking on a course of 8-10 RF treatments, which is the ideal course for securing these benefits to my skin for the years ahead.

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