how to get rid of dark circles fast

what are dark circles under the eyes?

The skin under the eye area is very sensitive and fragile. It is often the first
sign of ageing and fatigue.

The eye circles appear first in the corner
of the eye near your nose and spread the outer part of the skin under the eyes.

What Causes Dark Circles Under The Eyes?
Dark under eye circles can be caused by a host of different things from heredity to allergies to poor sleep. Often described as “tired eyes.” 

Although dark circles may be the result of facial ageing, they can affect both men and women of all ages and have a variety of causes.

recommended to remove dark circles under eyes

Treatment for dark circles under the eyes and eye bags varies depending on the cause of the problem. We recommend cosmetic injection treatment, where we use a specially formulated injectable gel to treat the delicate and sensitive eye circles area.

The active ingredient in the gel is commonly used in dermal filler so it is naturally present in the skin to give hydration, elasticity and firmness. This unique dermal filler designed to treat dark circle or tear trough is a sophisticated gel with essential nutrients to nourish the skin under the eyes.

The area injected will improve the hollowness and reduce dark circles as
well as rehydrate the area.

are the results immediate?

Yes, they are immediately visible after the injection due to the volumising effect of this dermal filler.

Is There Downtime and Side Effects From The Treatment? Yes, there is downtime. The swelling and bruising can last up to one week. Side effects are usually minimal. Redness, bruising at the treated area may occur, but they are greatly reduced by applying ice pack after the cosmetic injection. If you have a special occasion, we recommend you do it two weeks before so that it settles.

How Do The Injectables Work? Cosmetic injections under the eyes for dark circle, tear trough and eye bags can be very effective for many patients. We inject into the tear toffs which evens out the skin and helps to camouflage the dip that people have that cause the darkness under their eye. 

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