Clear Skincare Clinics provide a premium laser hair removal service for men and women with competitive pricing. See how cost-effective laser hair removal is when you combine treatment areas or buy multiple quantities. Our highly trained and certified therapists are ready to reduce your unwanted hair safely and permanently.

Is laser hair removal forever?

While there are different ways to remove unwanted hair from the face and body, laser hair removal is the only method which can achieve up to an 80% permanent reduction in hair growth on both men and women.

Clear Skincare Laser Clinics certified therapists use the medical grade Candela Alexandrite laser to progressively destroy hair follicles in treatment areas. This clinically-proven laser is effective at treating hair on nearly all skin types, including fair, olive and darker skin.

After a period of time a small amount of regrowth is possible although any new hair is normally much softer and finer than the original hair making it easy  to remove with further laser treatments.

How many treatments are needed for laser hair removal?

There are several factors which can influence the number of laser hair removal treatments required, including area, sex, age and hormone levels. That said, between eight and twelve laser treatments are generally required to achieve permanent results.

What things can impact the number of laser hair removal treatments I may need?

  1. hair colour
  2. skin tone 
  3. gender
  4. age
  5. hormone levels

Is it worth getting laser hair removal?

When you consider a lifetime of time and money spent repeating temporary hair removal methods like expensive electrolysis, waxing or home  kits, risky depilatory creams that can burn and damage your skin, , creams and razors – then a permanent hair removal solution is definitely worth it!

It may be immeasurable, but the true value of laser hair removal is recognised when you experience the convenience and confidence of having permanently smooth hair-free skin. 

Imagine the joy of knowing you no longer need to cover up while you grow the hair on your lower legs, bikini line, underarms – or even your full face or body – for waxing! The peace of mind knowing you’ll never be caught short having forgotten to shave your hairy legs, underarms or bikini line is priceless!


Why use laser hair removal?

Clear Skincare Anti-Ageing, Acne & Laser Clinics, laser hair removal treatments are a safe, relatively painless, and the best way to remove unwanted hair from all over your body. It takes just approximately eight to twelve laser hair removal sessions to achieve up to an 80% reduction of unwanted hair. 

Our clients enjoy the following benefits of laser hair removal:

  • Smooth, hair-free skin for year-round confidence and convenience
  • painless experience in comparison to waxing 
  • The convenience of no longer having to grow the hair in order to wax 
  • The relief of no more painful ingrown hairs or unsightly shaving rashes
  • An affordable, no mess, no fuss procedure for permanent results

Laser Hair Removal Price List

To see our latest laser hair removal prices including special offers, see our laser hair removal prices page. 


How can you save when getting laser hair removal?

The special offers, bundled discounts and laser hair removal prices certainly offer excellent value at Clear Skincare Clinics!  Boasting more than 70 laser hair removal clinics throughout Australia and New Zealand, we are able to offer affordable pricing and a competitive price match guarantee

It is easy to save on laser hair removal when we offer a pricing structure which bundles popular treatment areas together for excellent savings.  Some of our most popular bundled laser treatment packages include:

  • half legs, brazilian + underarms
  • full legs, brazilian + underarms
  • top lip + chin
  • brazilian + underarms
  • bikini + underarms
  • chest + abdomen
  • back + shoulders

Of course you may choose laser hair removal for any of those individual body areas like full arms or lower legs, but why not include more than one treated area for fantastic savings?  You can also save by choosing 3-pack, 6-pack or 10-pack purchases to make your series of laser treatments entirely cost-effective.

When is the best time of the year to get laser hair removal?

The way laser hair removal works is quite simple. The laser light is an intense source of energy which is attracted to the pigment or colour in the hair follicle. The light converts to heat on contact and progressively destroys the hair follicle after a series of sessions. 

In order to seek out the pigment in the hair follicle the laser requires a contrast between hair and skin colour. So the ideal time of year to get laser hair removal is when you don’t have darker skin than normal, so that the laser isn’t attracted to the pigment in your skin. I.e. winter time

If you tend to avoid sun exposure anyway, then you can schedule your laser hair removal treatments any time of the year. But if you spend time outdoors in summer then schedule your laser hair removal treatments when your skin is lightest. 


What are the most cost effective laser hair removal packages?

Laser hair removal costs are quite affordable when you purchase 3-pack, 6-pack or 10-pack deals from Clear Skincare Clinics. As most people find they need between eight and twelve sessions to achieve up to an 80% permanent hair reduction, this is a cost effective way to buy.

Combine a 3-pack, 6-pack or 10-pack purchase with bundled treatment areas and your laser hair removal becomes even more cost effective!

If you plan to laser the majority of body areas then full body laser hair removal is clearly the best option. But bundled upper body and lower body areas are popular choices too. 

Both men and women may also want laser hair removal on the full face to eliminate shaving and plucking, or just the upper lip, chin, or sides of face as individually-treated areas. With treatment areas starting from just $10 per session. It’s cheaper than waxing!        

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