Laser Hair Removal Near Me

Looking for the best laser hair removal clinic near you? Clear Skincare Clinics are Australia's leading provider of laser hair removal services with over 20 years' experience. Our teams of highly trained and certified therapists use safe and effective medical grade lasers to achieve permanent hair reduction in nearly all skin types.

How do I find a laser hair removal clinic near me?

Clear Skincare Anti-Ageing, Acne & Laser Clinics are Australia’s most experienced skin and laser clinic with over 20 years’ as leading industry providers. 

With more than 60 Clear Skincare Clinics located all around the country, a Clear Skincare Clinic near you is easy to find. Clear Skincare Clinics use medical grade, clinically-proven laser hair removal technology. To find your nearest clinic location click.

What locations do Clear Skincare Clinics have clinics in?

There are over 60 Clear Skincare Clinic location around Australia in: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, West Australia, and ACT

If you live in Sydney you’ll find at least 18 clinics conveniently located in the eastern suburbs, North Sydney and across the Sydney CBD. Victorians can find clinics throughout Melbourne spanning as far as Bendigo. Queensland clinics are located on the Gold Coast, throughout Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, and there are several Clear Skincare Clinics in Perth, Adelaide and Canberra.

Why is laser hair removal becoming the preferred hair removal method over other ways?

Laser hair removal technology is the best way to safely and effectively achieve a permanent reduction of unwanted hair on nearly all skin types. 

Clear Skincare Clinics use advanced Candela Alexandrite medical grade lasers to permanently reduce hair growth by up to 80%. 

When comparing laser with a method like IPL, laser hair removal offers advanced technology that can target both dark and light skins and is a far more efficient way to permanently reduce unwanted hair. 

Hair removal methods such as waxing, plucking, shaving and depilatory creams are temporary because they don’t destroy the hair follicle. Laser hair removal progressively destroys the hair follicle preventing hair from being able to regrow.

Laser is the preferred method of permanent hair reduction because:

  • It provides the convenience of smooth, hair-free skin 365 days per year.
  • It is cost-effective, eliminating a lifetime of time and money spent on repetitive hair removal methods such as waxing.
  • It provides relief from ingrown hairs and shaving rashes.
  • It is relatively pain-free in comparison to waxing.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Candela Alexandrite laser technology uses higher brightness and more energy per light pulse than other lasers, this makes the laser more precise and = efficient at targeting the hair follicles. Candela laser hair removal treatments are both safe and effective for light and dark skin tones.

At Clear Skincare clinics all our staff are highly trained, certified and experienced in  using Candela Alexandrite lasers, so you are in safe hands.

We also provide pre and post treatment and homecare to ensure you achieve the best results and experience.

What different areas can be treated with laser hair removal?

Nearly any area of the body that has unwanted hair can be treated with Laser Hair Removal.

Popular treatment areas include:

  • full  and half legs
  • underarms
  • upper lip and chin 
  • bikini line and Brazilian
  • full back 
  • shoulders
  • chest, stomach and snail trail


What are the best machines for laser hair removal?

At Clear Skincare Clinics we only use medical grade Candela Laser Hair Removal technology to ensure we provide a safe and effective treatment for all our clients.

Is it painful to get laser hair removal?

While everyone’ has their own pain threshold, laser hair removal is generally regarded as relatively painless. 

Laser hair removal works by sending a high energy light source directly to the hair follicle, progressively destroying it after a number of sessions. Laser treatments are therefore not painful, certainly in comparison to waxing. 

During laser treatments the skin in the treated area may feel a little tingly, as if it is being flicked with a small rubber band. Afterwards the treatment area may feel warm for a while, as if it has had a little too much sun exposure.

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