Is Your Make Up Giving You Acne?

Do you suffer from acne? Did you know that in some cases, your makeup might actually be the culprit? Acne Cosmetica is the term used for acne that is caused or aggravated by cosmetics. While it’s a common concern for many people, the good news is there are things you can to do treat, and even prevent it!


Clean Your Brushes and Tools

Take a look at what you’re applying your makeup with and make sure that your brushes and tools are clean and sanitary. A main cause of inflammatory acne is caused from bacteria that lives your dirty brushes and old sponges. This same bacteria gets transferred to your face where it starts to flourish. I clean my makeup brushes after every single client. For personal makeup brushes, I recommend washing them once a week, depending on how much you’re using them.

Wash your Face

Keeping makeup on your face for long periods of time makes it more likely to settle into your pores. You should always wash your face before bed!

We recommend Clearskincare Gel Cleanser

Switch to a Non-comedogenic Makeup

To get rid of acne cosmetica the first thing you should do is switch to a non-comedogenic brand. Some people find complete relief from their skin problems just by making the simple change. We here at Clearskincare Clinics recommend our exclusive InClinic Cosmetics range of mineral based foundations because they are not only non-comedogenic but contain skin loving anti-inflammatory ingredients that most importantly lets your skin breath. Available in in a 100% natural mineral pressed powder Foundation or Mineral Matte Liquid Foundation.

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