Men Say Goodbye to Acne and Bacne Forever

Contrary to popular belief, Acne is not just a transient teenage condition for boys, but can be a chronic skin condition for adult men. Acne affects more than 35% of adult men in Australia.

Acne is not just a skin issue; it decreases self-esteem, educes anxiety and depression and has the equivalent impact on life quality as diabetes and other chronic medical conditions.

Many men dread the summer months, as they fear having to expose their bodies because of their Acne. Bacne or Back Acne also often results in scarring because treatment is more difficult to deliver. Unlike women, men are often reluctant to seek medical assistance for their Acne, which of course increases the impact of their breakout and the risk of scarring.

Finally, a new drug free treatment, Dr McCaffery’s Acne Treatment is available for the first time in Australia. This treatment effectively eliminates pimples and Acne permanently. The treatment, available at Clearskicare Clinincs will offer a long-term solution for this troubling condition. This is a new treatment for Acne that promises permanently breakout free skin, without needing to take long term oral medications,” says Dr. McCaffery.

“The problem with most men’s Acne treatments, whether they are over the counter or prescription, is that they are not particularly specific. They will often have many side effects, both local, and in the case of oral medications, for the whole body, that are frequently undesirable and can render the treatment intolerable.” Says Dr. McCaffery.

Side effects to Acne medications, range from skin dryness, redness and flaking to headaches, weight gain and, in the case of oral retinoids, the only medications that promise long term remission from Acne, depression and suicide risk. “The beauty of Dr McCaffery’s Acne Treatment is that it directly targets the problem; the “rogue” sebaceous glands that cause Acne and breakouts, and eliminates them. No problem sebaceous glands equals no more Acne!” Says Dr. McCaffery.

So how does Dr McCaffery’s Acne Treatment work?

This heat based treatment directly targets the skin affected by Acne. Sebaceous glands; the skins oil glands, are responsible for all the different types of Acne – from minor breakouts and pimples, to the more severe forms of Acne.

The treatment is performed with a fine probe, which is inserted in the Acne affected sebaceous glands, to progressively eliminate them. Results have shown it is well tolerated and usually no anesthetic is required.

Where is it available?

Clearskincare Clinics Australia Wide

Cost of treatment?

The treatments are extremely affordably priced and cost from $110 per treatment.

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