Moisturising & Anti-Ageing … What are the benefits?

Dr Philippa McCaffery

Big cosmetic companies have for years promoted the link between moisturisers and preventing ageing of the skin. Unfortunately, there is no link between using a moisturiser and stimulating collagen growth, which is essential to prevent your skin ageing.

If you look at proven science relating to the skin, moisturising fills in the gaps between exfoliating surface skin cells making the skin feel smoother and  comforts the skin. There is no evidence to prove any long term anti-ageing benefits. So what does your expensive skin cream actually do? If it doesn’t have any of the following ingredients then you are buying “hope in a jar” delivered by a very expensive marketing campaign.

Clinically proven anti-ageing ingredients include, vitamin A, vitamin C, glycolic acid, copper peptides, lactic acid, azelaic acid and trichloracetic acid. All of these ingredients stimulate new collagen production. Some are require much higher doses than others to achieve this, the best ingredient of all is prescription strength vitamin A cream.

So don’t waste your money on your moisturiser, save it for your active ingredients and enjoy the results.

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