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how to get fuller lips

Getting your lips serviced isn’t the secret it used to be. Fast and with minimal downtime, lip injectables are the snack of lunchtime “tweakments”, and if you’re not already getting yours done, your best friend’s probably doing hers. They are a key weapon in the modern self-care arsenal. But things are now definitely going lower key. 

“Beautiful lips have always been admired and desired,” says Dr Adam Cho, Head Injecting Doctor at Clear Skincare Clinics.

“It is an extremely important area when it comes to facial beauty. This explains the high demand for lip enhancement, demand that doesn’t seem to fade despite changes in fashion.” 

“A critical aspect that is most often misunderstood is that attractive lips do not necessarily equal full lips,” he says. “Though full lips are often perceived as being more attractive than small lips, it isn’t that simple. An overfilled lip is very obvious and it certainly doesn’t always complement the beauty of the person either.”

Pillowy proportions

If there are A-list poster-lips for the subtly sexy look, they belong to Emma Stone and Keira Knightley. Born-slender, these lips have become cushy, not cartoonish. They’re proportionate and natural. To achieve this aesthetically pleasing lip result, it has to be clear for the client that lip filler is performed in a personalised manner. An individualised clinical assessment is an important step to enhance your lips more naturally and in a well-proportioned way by targeting the lip lines, the lip definition and lip volume. A lip enhancement is not necessarily about making lips fuller. Instead, it’s finding the right balance of proportions, projection, cupid’s bow, border, lip lines and apparent hydration. 

Introducing the lip flip

Not everyone wants their lips to look fuller. You may desire a very subtle and more short-term result. If fillers are not your style, you might consider anti-wrinkle injections, or a procedure called a “lip flip”, a process that uses anti-wrinkle injections. These injections temporarily relax the part of the muscle causing the upper lip to roll out, so it appears slightly more voluminous and defined. It is an excellent alternative to fillers for clients who want a more subtle enhancement. Most clients feel the benefit within a few days of treatment, with full results after about a week.

Lip flip vs. lip fillers

However, a lip flip is not a substitute for lip fillers. “It is an excellent alternative to fillers for clients who want a more subtle enhancement,” says Dr Cho. “We perform both at Clear Skincare Clinics, as we have clients who are better suited to one treatment or the other, or both. 

“Our clinicians will assess your natural lip anatomy, your desired outcome, and your personal preferences when deciding whether anti-wrinkle injections or a filler is the best lip enhancement option for you.”

In some cases, he says, the best solution is to combine anti-wrinkle injections with fillers. Using fillers to enhance lip volume and anti-wrinkle injections to lift the upper lip slightly will achieve a beautiful effect.

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