What It’s Like To Try A Radio Frequency Facial

WHAT IT IS: Radio frequencies are applied to the skin to heat it up and encourage regeneration, plumping and tightening, all in a 30-minute package.It targets areas from under the eye to the jawbone, and then down to the neck.

What It’s Like To Try A Radio Frequency Facial

WHAT IT FEELS LIKE: It’s about the same level of heat as a hot stone massage. Though you might get warned of possible short-term pinkness and dissipating heat, the treatment doesn’t cause any discernible discomfort.

THE VERDICT: There’s an instant smoothing and plumping effect after one treatment, but you’ll need about
four to five for the firming and definition to kick in (and inspire compliments like, “You look so refreshed”). While it takes dedication (10 treatments, once or twice a week, are recommended for optimal results), there is zero downtime, so you can do it in your lunch hour without anyone knowing you’ve been up to anything besides politely ordering your sandwich.

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