Five Beauty Steps To Get Ready For The Party Season

Now that the weather is warming up and dark nights are a thing of the past, many of us are anticipating December, when the start of the festive season also means the start of the party season!

Five Beauty Steps To Get Ready For The Party Season

Step 1: Book for Cosmetic Injections with one of our highly trained nurses or Doctors.

Step 2: Sort out those coffee and red wine stains.

Smile its Silly Get a whiter brighter smile with our Teeth Whitening. Build a Bright Smile There’s no doubting that one of the most attractive features you can have is a bright white smile, but it’s something that many of us neglect, especially amongst our coffee and wine drinking habits. 

During the party season, there is so much socialising to do that it can be difficult for those of us who aren’t confident in our smiles and this often makes many of us duck for cover as soon as the cameras come out. Too many of us worry about the whiteness of our teeth, but if you start early enough you can have a Hollywood smile just in time for the office party.

Step 3: Clear your skin with a Microdermabrasion, Peel and Crystallite treatment.

Just as hair can be dried out by the harsh winter weather, so can your skin.

Removing dry skin helps to make your skin feel softer and smoother, ideal for when you want to show it off at parties. 

Step 4: Get bikini ready

Be smooth in time for summer with our Permanent Hair Removal Offer Get 50% off your first Laser Hair Removal Treatment Click here.

Step 5: Grab the latest colours from our in-Clinic Cosmetics.

Tis the season to dust off your sparkly dresses and glam up your beauty routine. Get makeup that won’t cause breakouts even if you wear it everyday!

Giving us all a much-needed excuse to dress up, go out and dance the night away, which is exactly what we need after the colder months… Even though sometimes we might just want to snuggle up on the sofa and watch Netflix!

Although it might not be December yet, it’s never too early to start preparing for the invites to parties that will pop up around Christmas and New Year and doing so provides an excellent distraction.

Feeling good and looking fabulous can require some extra effort at this time of year, when the weather can wreak havoc on our skin. But by following our top tips, you can make sure you’re party ready when the festive season starts…. 



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