Hyperhidrosis – How To Stop Excessive Sweating

Have you ever not wanted to wave hello, hug an old friend, or throw your arms up in celebration… only to disclose sweaty pits? People who sweat excessively often get caught in a vicious cycle. They become anxious that their sweat is showing and the anxiety makes them sweat even more.

Now there is an answer to this problem. No more sweaty pits – you can use cosmetic injections to stop excessive sweating. What a relief!

“Studies have shown excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, peaks between the ages of 18 and 54 and can impact on many aspects of a person’s life from forming intimate relationships to making career choices.”

While injections are not a cure for excessive sweating, they are highly effective in managing the problem. The treatment takes around 30-40 minutes to perform and last 6-7 month in most patients. It is successful in over 95% of patients.

Cosmetic injections are used to block the chemical signals from nerves that stimulate sweat product. When the signal stops, so does the sweating. This treatment only targets the sweat glands in the injected areas, so does not result in an over production in other areas of the body.

Approximately 10-20 injections are required in each armpit. In some cases, numbing cream is applied before the treatment, this makes the treatment pain free. The injected spots may appear a little red for 30-90mins following treatment, however there are very few potential side effects when this treatment is performed by a well-trained injector. After injection the areas are compressed with ice packs and that’s it! You are ready to perform your daily duties.

“Managing hyperhidrosis is one of the most rewarding aspects of our practice – when working with our patients it is brilliant to see the boost in their confidence and freedom of lifestyle that follows effective treatment.” Dr Scott Ellis – Head of Cosmetic Injecting Clearskincare Clinics

No need to sweat the small stuff.

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