From Stretch Marks To Rosacea… Find Out What Laser Can Really Treat

Lasers can do a million things for your skin. Laser stands for light amplified by stimulated emission of radiation. That means therapists use lasers to target brown spots, red bumps, for fading stretch marks, surgery scars, tattoo removal and even for treating rosacea.

They’re not like magic erasers, but they’re quite helpful

Laser Skin Treatments are the Beauty Industry go-to for everything from stretch marks to rosacea. The ladies in the know visit clinics to get scars zapped and age spots singed away.
One of the main reasons we love laser skin treatments. It’s simple they get the job done with effective and visible results. So, if you are wanting to restore your skin to its full glory then read on for clinically proven science backed treatments with visible results.

Top 10 Laser Skin Treatments

1. Skin resurfacing treatments

2. Skin rejuvenation treatments

3. Remove Red Veins & Broken Capillaries

4. Treat Rosacea & reduce Redness

5. Scar Reduction and Removal

6. Fade Stretch Marks

7. Pigmentation Removal

8. Freckle Removal

9. Remove brown spots and age marks

10. Remove unwanted body hair


If you want an all-over rejuvenating treatment: Turn to a resurfacing laser like Fraxel. Fraxel stimulates the fibroblasts in the middle layer of skin called the dermis, telling them to make more collagen and elastin. More collagen and elastin means smoother, younger-looking skin. Fraxel works by causing micro perforations across the treated area; it takes about five days to heal from one Fraxel treatment.


Vascular lasers are superb at fading redness caused by any number of skin conditions, including broken blood vessels, red patches, and rosacea. Lasers can even be used to get rid of any visible blood vessels, including the ones in new scars and fresh stretch marks. A KTP laser on particularly stubborn red blood vessels.


This laser is also commonly used to remove tattoos. This laser is attracted to pigment in the skin, brown in particular. This contrast is recognized by the laser and the area can be easily targeted and treated to leave you scar and mark free.


Laser can even treat and remove dark spots. For lots of little small scattered sunspots, Fraxel Laser would be used. Or for a entire surface or full face a Q Switch Laser is used to refine skin surface and treat obvious age spots or brown marks.

Also, be cautious you’re not lasering something that’s more serious than just a brown spot. Before you get brown spot or red spot lasered, get it evaluated to make sure it is safe to remove.

Winter is the best time to have laser treatments as getting laser on top of an active tan, can increase the risk hyperpigmentation. It is also recommended to stay out of the sun right after a laser treatment.


A hair laser works by targeting pigment, the laser light has a preference for the melanin that’s in the base of the hair follicle. The laser burns the hair down to the base stunting the growth. It can be used to remove hair from your entire body; including these popular areas; underarms, bikini line, legs and face Laser hair Removal Because hair-removal lasers target the pigment in hair, it works best on skin types with a high contrast between hair and skin color (think: fair skin and dark hair)