Why You Should Invest in a Bespoke Skin Care Regimen

Why you should invest in a bespoke skin care regimen – as seen on Vogue.

A tailored approach to beauty is on the rise. No matter where you stand on anti-ageing, or what your skin care regimen may be there’s no denying that the options available to us are plentiful and varied (read: overwhelming). And while recommendations from family and friends may serve as quick fixes in the short term, it’s important to remember that no approach to skin care can be the same; long term it’s the advice from the experts that will see your regimen go from skin-care-novice to beauty-authority.

It’s this advice that Dr. Philippa McCaffery of Clearskincare Clinics, had in mind when she developed the clinic’s ‘Skin Gym’, a bespoke program designed to encourage and educate us in our approach to skin care. Keeping in mind that all skin care stories are unique the package is customised to suit your areas of concern month-to-month by way of skin consultation and reveal analysis.

The large selection of treatments on offer work to target the myriad of skin care issues we encounter as we age, Dr. McCaffery talks Vogue through the options available for every age and concern:


With breakouts still an issue and fine lines appearing, Dr. McCaffery suggests treatments that aim to maintain the optimum condition of your skin with “skin peels, crystalite, Dr. McCaffery’s SGA Treatment and Microdermabrasion. Peels will smooth your skin texture, exfoliate dead skin cells and refine open pores and congested skin to bring the best out in your skin, while microdermabrasion is great for smoother, glowing skin. It acts as a deep exfoliation to refine open pores, deep cleanse congested skin and improve skin texture,” says Dr. McCaffery.

Though it’s Dr. McCaffery’s signature SGA Treatment that stands out as a must for those in this area of their life who are still contending with Acne and breakouts; “this treatment is a clinic-based procedure that eliminates the overactive sebaceous glands within the skin to permanently stop Acne from coming back again,” says Dr. McCaffery.


With collagen levels halving, and issues like melasma from sun exposure and fine lines deepening Dr. McCaffery recommends skin resurfacing treatments, such as pixel. “IPL or laser skin rejuvenation will help get rid of skin imperfections and concerns, such as redness, freckles, age spots and uneven skin texture,” confirms Dr. McCaffery.


It’s during this time that skin tends to become drier, elastin and collagen levels drop significantly and lines become more pronounced. Treatments aim to relieve the stress our younger selves have placed on our skin. “Laser treatments such as red vein removal targets veins and pigment to help restore a clear complexion, while skin needling, fractional laser and radiofrequency treatments are also appropriate in the 40s to stimulate collagen production in the skin,” says Dr. McCaffery.


With a loss of plumpness and elasticity from the skin, Dr. McCaffery recommends “anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers” to replace the loss of facial fat, though also believes this time is ideal for sun spot removal.

With Spring well underway and Summer is just around the corner, now is the time to get your skin ready for the silly season. Tackle irritating pigment, freckles, wrinkles and embarrassing breakouts that you cover with make up every day. One of our amazing tailored skin packs will leave you feeling fresh and fabulous, so you can go make-up free this season and NEXT!

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