Dr McCaffery Talks to Women’s Health Magazine

Dr Philippa McCaffery talks to Women’s Health Magazine and tells us the inside on health, fitness and ageing. Women’s Health Interview – Health + Fitness Feature.

1. What are some natural, con-cosmetic products that can help reduce the signs of ageing?

E.G. Lavender oil for under eye bags?

In times gone past, women used anything from milk to mercury as beauty products. The effectiveness of modern cosmeceuticals is that the active ingredients that actually make a difference have been extracted from the natural products and are available in a concentrated form.

2. What’s the biggest misconception about anti-ageing products?

That they work. Unfortunately, the majority of anti-ageing products on the market do not contain ingredients that can change the appearance of the skin or if they do, the concentration is often too low to make a difference.

3. What ingredients should we look out for in anti-ageing products?

Vitamin A is number one, Vitamin C number two then the AHAs like glycolic and lactic acid and copper peptide serums.

4. What must-have product and must-do treatment would you recommend and why?

The number one must have anti-ageing product is Vitamin A either in its cosmetic form – retinol or in prescription form – tretinoin. Must do treatments are regular skin peels. Our skin does not exfoliate as efficiently as we age, leading to the skin appearing dull. A low strength skin peel is a quick and easy pick me up that improves the appearance of most skins.

5. What age is most appropriate to start using them?

Early 20s is the best time to start.

6. What activities should be avoided to keep our skin more youthful looking e.g. smoking, tanning, excessive drinking?

  • Sleepless nights
  • Smoking
  • Sunbaking
  • Excessive drinking

7. Which anti-oxidant rich foods help protect your skin from free-radical damage?

Better to use topical vitamin C than eating fruit.

8. Are there any herbal remedies that can help with anti-ageing?

To be honest, No Not really.

9. Are there any anti-ageing facial exercises you recommend?

Less movement the better, but not really any exercises to recommend.

10. Why do so many dermatologists seem intent on selling us high-end products?

What are some inexpensive, simple and effective anti-ageing solutions that you’ve picked up from your years of experience?

Sunscreen, a hat and vitamin C Rosehip oil is an inexpensive form of Vitamin C but may breakout prone skins.

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