Your Perfect Lip Shape

Our popular cosmetic injector Diane Scarramuzza, tells us how achieve the lip shape you want, and which lips everyone is asking for.

Lip shape can now be changed by using a number of different techniques with cosmetic fillers. Here I will try and break down the tricks to give you the lip shape you want. The most popular celebrity lips I get asked for are Kylie Jenner, Rosie Huntington-Whitney, Scarlet Johansson or Taylor Swift. All of these lips are easy to replicate and my clients are always excited by the result.

For thin lips (top and bottom)

For thin lips you need to give volume and to do this I use a medium to firm filler and at least 1ml evened out over the top and the bottom. I usually curl up the lip by injecting into the lip line. If my client likes the Taylor Swift look I will add more filler into the cupids bow part of the lips, the middle of the top lip.

For thin top lip and bigger bottom lip.

Generally when a client has a very thin top lip, they want to even it out with the bottom lip. To do this I use a medium filler and apply 3/4 of the filler into the fleshy part of the top lip and only a 1/4 of the filler to the bottom lip. This helps with hydration and gives my clients a fuller pout. On some clients I also inject the bottom lip with two pillows of filler, this creates a soft crease on the bottom lip and gives the client a sensual pout.

For clients who want more lip volume.

A lot of my clients already have a nice even lip shape but would like more volume and pout. I use a medium to firm filler and apply even amounts into the fleshy part (the middle) of the top and bottom lip to give the celebrity look. If my clients would like a more defined lip line, I also apply some filler into the cupid’s bow of the lip line.

For mature clients with lines around the mouth.

As we age, our lip line becomes less defined and we form small lines around the mouth. I use a soft filler on these clients and apply to the top and bottom lip line and base to smooth out lines around the lips. This also helps prevent lipstick from bleeding and provides hydration to the lips, giving my clients a more youthful appearance. On all lip types it’s important the injector does not make the lips appear too wide as this look is very ageing and look likes two fat sausages or a duck beak. I like to create a pout this gives a more appealing pillow shape lip.

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